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    ca. 10 yr ago
    Guido Boyke | improwiki updates

    State of play: 516 groups and more than 100 events in Improwiki. Thank you for your participation!

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    ca. 10 yrs ago
    Guido Boyke | improwiki updates

    Groups now have a nicer page.
    - There you can upload a logo and a background image.
    - User can connect to groups and say 'I am a member this group '
    - The groups then appear on the User Profile
    - Users can publish posts on their own page
    - The biggest innovation: There are now events.
    - Events can be assigned to groups and players
    - The events of a user appear in his profile
    - The events of a group appear in the Group Profile
    - You can now, if you would like to the user name, in addition to the still Real Name specify.