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Alien, Tiger, Cow


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A simple warm-up game to intuitively harmonize the group with one another and to learn about the spirit of the group (Where does the group "move" to).

The game works a bit like the famous "Rock, Paper, Scissors" only with another goal for more than 2 players.

All players stand in a circle. There are three different "figures".

The aliens: Place the fingers of both hands left and right on the head, like little antennas while calling "beep, beep".

The Tiger: make a tiger claw with your hand and "roar" like a tiger.

The Cow: Lay both hands on the stomach and "moo".

A player or the game leader then counts up 1 to 3 At "3", each player mimes one of these 3 figures.

The goal is that all players represent exactly the same figure. The more players in a circle, the longer it may take.


This game can of course also be played with other figures, animals or objects (dinosaurs, James Bond, programmers, refrigerator, jukeboxes, etc.).

The aim of the game can also be reversed and in each round, the players that represent the character that appears least likely, get out.


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Improvisational Warm Ups : Playing the "Alien, Tiger, Cow" Improv Game
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