In this game, two or three players are involved.

So the game begins with a member of the audience go on the stage, and a second or third player should try to copy him Then he is going to give them a differents body postures, different head postures and gestures ,etc . The players freeze in his posture and try as much as possible to remain in the exact position as he is now.

And now they can go back to their normal and relaxed body posture It will be an ascertained handicap and they being to play Their responsibility is that the game is in constant develop, until it is noticed that the postures will conclude. As an example, the player at the end of their mutual freeze figure ,must have the spectator, pretended to have the freeze figure. The difficult is that, those finished figures, must have arise from the scene naturally.

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last update: 2015-05-19
by Guido Boyke

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