Time: 5 Minutes

Number of Participants: Preferably for groups of about 10-15 people.

Required Equipment: A piece of fabric large enough to be transformed into different ideas.

Recommended Age Group: 6+

Objective: To come up with new creative ideas that the object can be used for. (Can be unrealistic things such as a magic flying carpet). This game is an improv game that requires each group member to use their creativity to create a different meaning for the same object. Game Instruction:

  1. Participants form a circle.
  2. The leader shows a piece of fabric to the participants, saying "What could this piece of fabric be?”
  3. Then the piece of fabric is passed around the circle and each participant shows the group something that it could become or be used for. An example is a flag.
  4. The fabric is passed from person to person, with each participant sharing an idea
  5. A variation on this game is to limit the ideas to a category such as clothing, or things that are the color of the fabric

Positioning: This can be played anywhere with an open space large enough to form a circle of approximately 10 to 15 people. If there are multiple groups then they need to be spread out enough so as not to interfere with one another.


  • You can limit the category and do something specific such as a type of clothing.
  • You can also choose a new object other than fabric that can be transformed into new creative ideas.
Safety Considerations: None

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