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Backwards Interview

This game is based on a fictional interview. The twist is that you start with the last sentence, and end with the first sentence; thereby reversing the flow of the conversation. However, when an answer or question spans several sentences, these are to be said in the correct order.

That is to say, the answer always comes before the question. The interviewer has to come up with the appropriate question for the answer. The interviewee controls the game, and can drive the interviewer up the wall, e.g. with short answers such as "Yes!" or "No!".

The interviewer can, however, turn the game around by making reference to the previous answer at the beginning of his question, e.g. "It is so beautiful that you expressed it in poetic form. On to the next question: ...." or "Thank you for the nice song. My next question ..." The interviewed person must then incorporate these actions into the next answer.


B: "That was Mr. Müller, director of the movie 'Backwards roles'"
A: "Good bye!"
B: "Herr Müller, thank you very much for the conversation."
A: "The movie is coming to theaters on Thursday."
B: "When will the movie be screened?"
A. "Bless you!"
B: "Atchoo!"
A: "I'm also glad to be here."
B: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am glad to be able to talk today with Otto Müller, directer of the film 'Backwards roles'"

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