Which group has the most breath? Find out which group has the strongest lungs by trying to keep your balloon in the air longer than the other teams. Groups may only use their own air.

Recommended age:

"Balloons" is a game that is ideal for the age group from 10 to 25 years.

Number of persons:

This game is best played with groups of 8 people or more. It is not ideal for small groups.

Required material

To play this game you will need the following materials:

- balloons - A stopwatch for every team - Optional: small paper or plastic compartments


If you like, you can have any team inflate their balloons, but to make the game fairer, it is better to inflate all the balloons for each team prematurely. Be sure to inflate replacement balloons if balloons explode.

Divide the group into different teams. Ideally, the teams should consist of 3-5 people. You can play this game with as many teams as you like. Give each team a balloon and a paper or plastic fan.

Choose one player from each team to act as a timekeeper. Give them one of the stopwatches to record the time your team holds the balloon in the air without touching it. Warn the players that the rules of the game are that you must not touch the balloon when it is in the air. Balloons must be kept in the air as long as possible without being touched and without touching the ground. Each time a balloon is touched by a team member or touches the ground, the time on the stopwatch must be reset to zero.

Tip: Try to give each team a different colored balloon so that there can be no mix-ups if the teams overlap at any point.

The end of the game: The team that manages to keep the balloon in the air for the longest time in a row is the winner. Observe the teams during the game to make sure they take the time correctly.

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