3 players, several chairs on the stage represent the bench.

1 player sits on the bench, the other two try to persuade Player 1 to leave the bench through playing a scene. Offers must be accepted.

Example 1: A sits on the bench, B begins the scene and mimes a drowning person. A remains seated.

This is OK, there is only a moral obligation to save A.

Example 2: A sits on the bench. B arrives with a bulldozer. B demands that A leave the bench because be needs to grade the area..

A must leave, unless A explains that as the the activist of Robin Wood he has chained himself to the bench to protest the destruction of the park.

Then B must give up and C starts a new attempt in a new scene at a new location to dislodge A from the bench and to take over himself.

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last update: 2015-10-02
by Guido Boyke

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