During this warm-up exercise, the arms are stretched diagonally upwards and the legs, which are stretched out a little bit off the ground, are shaken one after the other. In the first round, eight times the right arm (the left arm hangs down, we stand with both feet on the ground), then the left arm (the right arm hangs down, both feet stand), the right leg (both arms hang down) and finally eight times the left leg. For each time shaking is counted loudly by all in parallel, e. g. in the first round four times 1 to 8. With each round of shaking, it becomes 1 X less, i. e. the next round we shake - counting loudly - each arm, each leg only 7 times. After the 3. From the 5th round, i. e. after 5 times of shaking we move and count faster. It goes down to one.

The exercise gives energy and loosens you up!

Variant: In addition, the pelvis is moved sideways to the left and right between arm and leg movements, e. g. in the "eighth" left/right, four times alternately.

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last update: 2017-08-29
by Guido Boyke

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