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Customer Service

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2 or more


object, what's wrong with it, and a celebrity who previously owned it


One actor serves as a customer service rep working the returns counter at a department store. The other actor is a customer wishing to return an object, only he doesn't know what it is. Giving clues through his dialogue, the rep must get the customer to guess what he is returning, what's wrong with it, and the celebrity who previously owned it. Scenes usually end with "This was owned by (insert celebrity)?! I'm keeping it!" Clues start subtle and become increasingly overt until the customer gets it, i.e., if a customer is returning a lawnmower made of bubble gum that is leaking wrappers and was once owned by Michael Jackson, clues might take the form of, "Sir, we don't have a good return policy for upside-down helicopters," for the object, and once the object is guessed, the rep might say, "Double double your lawnmowing capabilities, well that's a big red lie!" Once the material is guessed, the rep might say, "Well, look, it's bad, it's bad, you know it, but if you beat it, you might get it working again."


Make the object and its problem odd, as in the above example. Instead of a toaster, make it a toaster/VCR that cooks tapes and plays toast.

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