Dirty Scoundrels are a improvisational theatre troupe, based in Maribor, Slovenia. They've been doing impro actively since 1998 under different monikers and formalized the troupe under this name in 2006.

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ŠILA - School Improv League (Slovenia)

Improv League (Slovenia)

Theatrical productions

"The Gang Reads" (2017)

"The Gang Reads" is a improvised puppet play, created in coproduction with the Puppet Theatre Maribor. The play is a product of a series of workshop between the two organizations, examining the relationship of puppetry, improvisational theatre and fairytales. The premiere was held in the aforementioned theatre on the 30th March 2017. The production was also featured on the 28. international puppet festival Summer Puppet Pier, held in Maribor, Slovenia.


Current members

As of 2018 the group consists of following members:

  • Petko Čakrevski
  • Jasmina Čuješ
  • Jernej Jerovšek
  • Mojca Pibernik
  • Blendor Sefaj
  • Jani Šumak
  • Vid Šumak
  • Tim Andrić
  • Miha Mithans

Former members

Notable former members are:

  • Metka Majer
  • Alja Šumak


  • Official page (slovene): http://banda-ferdamana.si
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