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Dr. Know-It-All

Dr. Know-it-all is an amazingly intelligent man, who will be interviewed on a special topic, and is played simultaneously by three players.


Dr. Know-it-all is played by three players (optionally also by two players), sitting beside each other, and who are only allowed to speak one word at a time. So each player will say only one word, in the order Player 1-2-3-1 and so on. Another player will play the interviewer who questions Dr. Know-it-all.


Since the doctor knows everything one can ask him about wonderfully absurd things. For example, you can ask him for an animal and then an activity which does not fit this animal. surfing polar bears


The interviewer should be attentive if the three players of "Dr. Know-it-All" become tangled up and raise other questions. "Ah yes, they must explain that to me exactly" And if one does not want to be completely silly, the interviewer can ask suggestive questions that Dr.Know-it-All can easily answer

Start each answer with the Player farthest to stage left. Consistency reduces confusion.

Speak sequentially, stage left-to-right.

Make it clear when you think the question has been sufficiently answered. Say, “Thank you,” and ask for the next question.

Dr. Know-It-All asks for the next question, but the Host should select the question. Because the Host's manner of speech is not encumbered in the same way as Dr. Know-It-All's, he can ask for clarity on an unclear question and repeat the question loudly enough to be heard by the entire audience.

Answer the question. Be brief. No rambling. Don't fear the one-word answer.

The Players playing Dr. Know-It-All should put their arms around each other's shoulders. The outermost hands should gesture.

Of course, you can also involve the audience to a greater degree by getting the audience to ask questions about the subject at the end of the interview.

Audience questions can be on any subject. Advice, science, relationships, etc. You may choose to steer the audience away from yes/no questions, or mathematical questions. If such a question is asked, give a direct answer. “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” “Three. Thank you. Next question?”


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