In the game Dutch Square there are four players on the stage where a scene is always played by only two together. These two stand in front ( player A to on the left and player B on the right). The other two players stand at the back part of the stage (C at the back to the left and D at the back to the right), so that they form a "square".

Each player is assigned a genre by the audience (TV, Film); the genre of the players currently standing in front on the right is the is the decisive one for the particular game.

the pair of player in the front begin the game (genre from player B).

Player C and D can at a chosen moment clap, the square turns clockwise so that now player D with player B plays a new scene and whereby player D brings in his genre. With another change player C plays with player D in player C's genre. Each formation plays a completely different scene which has nothing do do with the three other scenes. As soon as the square has turned four times the current story will continue ( whereby a leaps in time are possible in the future) so that four stories emerge.

It will work out that all four stories can be ended.


  • There are three players on the stage, that is there are only three couples and stories.
  • For each of the four (three) instead of a genre, a chosen guideline will read out.
  • From the audience only one guideline can be ascertained, each of the four (three) stories have to, somehow or other, have something to do with this guideline.
  • There can also be four (three) different scenes played in one predetermined genre.
  • Left and right turns are possible.
  • The moderator decides the turns.
  • Each pair of players plays more than three times.

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