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Genetically modified mouse

The players stand together with the game leader in a circle. This places an invisible mouse on the ground, which now runs under the feet of the players. The players have to jump up into the air, always in such a way that their feet do not leave the ground at the same time, but one after the other. First, the foot goes up, from which side the mouse comes. In the same order in which they went up, the feet touch down on the ground again one after the other.

At first, the mouse just runs around in a circle. A wave-like movement should occur as fluid as possible.

After a few rounds, the controller can change the direction and let the mouse move in the opposite direction.

The mouse is then captured again. Now a "genetically modified" mouse is used. This one is a bit disturbed and runs three times under each player. Every player has to jump into the air three times: the first time the mouse comes from the left, the second time from the right and the third time from the left.

 ----A ⇨
   ⇦ A--
   --A----B ⇨
        ⇦ B--
        --B----C ⇨
             ⇦ C--
             --C----D ⇨ usw.

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by Guido Boyke

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