A nice exercise to listen to and get into the game with each other.

Player A leaves the room, the other players define an activity or action (for example: washing the car, dancing gangnam style, arranging files).

Now player A returns and plays a scene with player B. Player B must now force player A to perform this action. Player B should never give any obvious clues or say the action itself. So when it comes to organizing files, shouldn't he say something like,"Look how messy the files are lying there,"or "Oh, a file folder, what can you do with it all?"

So it should not be a question of player A thinking and guessing. When player A makes an offer, player B should first accept it with joy and then see what can develop out of it, how he can gently guide it in a different direction.

Players A and B need to listen carefully to what is being said, subtle little details are important.


Player A can of course be manipulated not only to actions, but also to other things, e. g. to pronounce a certain sentence, to move in a certain way (skip), to sing, etc. and so on.

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last update: 2017-12-28
by Maitti Showhopper

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