The game master determines the criteria according to which the people in the room should form groups.

It says for example:

Everyone will form groups,

  • with the same eye color,
  • who have birthdays in the same month,
  • with the same number of siblings,
  • the same colour of the T-shirt,
  • of the same zodiac sign,
  • who have birthdays in the same decade,
and so on This warm-up game is especially suitable for groups who do not know each other very well.


The players do not form groups, but line up in a line sorted by a certain criterion, for example:

  • according to the size
  • according to age
  • according to hair colour (light - dark)
  • everyone hums any tone, then set up according to the pitch
  • and so on
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last update: 2020-02-24
by Guido Boyke

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