At The King of Siam one sits or stands in a circle. One player is the King, the others are numbered, the last one is wothout a number, he is the "Last one".

The King of Siam has lost his crown. Now the question is who has found it and so this is how the play goes.

King: The king of Siam has lost his crown. Number x has found it!
Number x: I did not, my Lord!
King: who then, sir?
Number x: Number y, my Lord!

Now number y must immediately deny outrageously:
Number y: I did not my master!
Number x: who then my lord?
Number y: Number z, my master!

Now number z must decline and so on. The one who makes a slip, is too slow, says something wrong, becomes the "Last one" and all the others are assigned new numbers accordingly.

In the game it is important to keep the speed, and when the King decides that someone is going to become the "Last one". then it is so.

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last update: 2015-05-09
by Guido Boyke

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