A musician can stand alongside in support of a group's performances. Keyboard instruments are widespread, i.e. piano and keyboard, rarely guitar. The keyboard is interesting because this instrument can produce a wide range of sounds that, for example, can be adapted to the genre in Genre Replay. Also, an electronic drum or, even better, a real percussionist, are able to support very well. Additionally, nice effects can be obtained on the violin.

A musician is especially helpful with That Sounds Like a Song, or The Genre Game, with background music and scene noises (that can almost go in the direction of movie music), with countdowns before or at the beginning of the scene (to create a mood), at the end of a scene (to involve the applause and to provoke it) or to conclude a scene (with a final phrase) - not only actors, musicians and lighting technicians can also conclude scenes.

It's important that the musician be announced before and after the show. Actors very happily forget this, unfortunately, and introduce all the players, but not the musician.

The musician is another player on the stage with different resources. He supports and cooperates, adopts ideas and also gives ideas. Therefore, it is important not only that the musician pays attention to what is happening on the stage, but also that the players are attentive to the musician. Otherwise working in concert cannot function well.


It's ideal if a musician who can also musically improvise is a team member. It often is the case that an outside musician must be engaged. Since most good musicians are professionals, they will usually require fees. It is not realistic for one to find a good, professional musician with (musical) improvisational skills, who plays for nothing or for starvation wages. Cheap, but calclulating for all circumstances, are wages from 80 EUR per night.

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last update: 2015-05-14
by Guido Boyke

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