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Online Improv Show -- Technical Guides

There are various possibilities to create a live online impro show. There are multiple variations of technical setups with different Tools (OBS, Streamlabs) and Video call solutions (Discord, Zoom, Skype). On this page, we want to provide you with experiences, tips, and guides to set up your own online format.


  • schlAGVertig We had the best experience streaming to Youtube (audience suggestions arrive via the Chat), processing the stream with OBS Studio, and using Skype to connect all actors in their individual homes. Our technician has written an intricate guide on how the streaming setup works. Please feel free to share the PDF with other groups that are eager to perform but struggle with the technical setup. This setup worked well for us and was completely free.

List of Streaming Guides

Should there be other guides out there, please feel free to add them :)

  • Tutorial - OBS Studio, Skype, Youtube Guide from schlagvertig for a completely free toolchain to stream to youtube.
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