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In this exercise the player's dialogue takes place only in a form of a question. Nevertheless the fundamental information is given and it is acted on the playing area like a normal spoken scene


A: Honey, do we we want to go to the movies today?

B: Is there still a cinema in Springfield then?

A: Ben, shoud I call the front desk and ask about the cinema times and the about the program?

B: Would you be so kind, Aaron?

A: But do you think you would be able to walk a few meters to the cinema despite your rheumatism?


Notes: Although questions are quite often a bad idea in improv, in this game the idea is to build a story. That implies that any question should be giving information, and should be (implicitly) advancing on the information already available. The player should implicitly accept any information that was given in the previous question(s).

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last update: 2015-05-20
by Guido Boyke

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