The Milano, composed and first played by the Belgian improvgroup; Salamie. It is a composition which contains 4 existing formats (games, la ronde, Macroscènes & The Harold.) There are 7 parts inspired by the Harold structure: Part 1: Short energie game (like Blind Freeze) (4) Part 2 : Follow the leaver 1 (Macroscenes longform, search it on the internet) (2 and 3) Part 3: Presentation game (4) Part 4: La Ronde (longform, search it on the internet) (2) Part 5: Guessing game (4) Part 6: Follow the leaver 2 (2 and 3) Part 7: Comedy game (Line up game like World's Worst) (4)

Played best with 5 people, keeps you focused and full of energy in this setting. Each part has it's own host, one of the players.

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