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The seven year itch

The play comes from Doug Nunn and is a type of long form. It is best played with 3 women and three men + a presenter, and it takes about an hour. First, the moderator gives a guideline for each of the six players.

Then the game consisting of several phases starts.

1. phase: Introductions

Each of the six players introduces his/her character for approximately one minute. For example, as if making a video for a dating site.

2. phase: The first meeting

The moderator puts the respective pairs together. That is, there are three scenes. In these meetings each of the two people featured in phase one meet each other for the first time. (" Blind Date"). Each meating takes approximately three minutes.

3. phase: After six months

A scene will be shown from the common lives of pairs who met in phase two and have been living together since. The lengths of the three scenes are arbitrary. One can let the audience decide on the setting.

4. phase: The seven-year itch

These three scenes of arbitrary length are about the seven years together of the three couples. As in real life, everything is possible: fights, harmony, enduring together, new happiness...

Hints and Tips

  • As a guideline, a profession is recommended.
  • It is important to take the proper "types" or characters, e.g. the simple peasants, the sex addict hair dresser, the "tough" cop, the arrogant professor, etc. (see also cliche). One can also go somewhat deeper and choose true and touching characters that are not necesseraly inherently comic.
  • In the round of introductions (first phase) the players can sit.
  • One can let a spectator decide which couples should be made.
  • It is funnier if at the first meeting the candidates act as if they do not know each other, e.g. that they have not seen the video.
  • There are following possibilities in the fourth phase: As in phase three the auditory can be allowed to give a setting, for example a topic. One can interrupt an ongoing scene and ask the audience whether the couple should stay together or seperate. Also, a revelation or a surprising twist (pregnancy, for example) can spice up the scene.
  • In addition, at the end of the performance the characters can appear again in different combinations.
  • Variants: The audience votes after the second phase which two couples they want to see further, i.e. the third phase will be played out by only two couples. After the third phase the audience decides which couple they want to see in the seventh year, i.e. only one couple plays the fourth phase. Advantage: saves time.
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