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What is Playback Theatre?

Telling everyday experiences and immediately watching them on stage is playback theater. Actors and musicians are happy to be able to spontaneously transform your stories, no matter how short or long, into a scenic form.

Every story, whether banal or adventurous, easy or difficult, is worth telling and honoring through a theatrical representation. A member of the group supports you in telling your story, identifies key moments and then selects the scenic form in which the actors will implement what they have heard. Sometimes tears flow because what is being said is funny or gets under your skin. Check it out.

Playback theater was developed in the mid-1970s by Jonathan Fox and his wife Jo Salas. Today, this interactive form of improvisational theater is performed in over 60 countries worldwide. National and international meetings as well as a worldwide network of certified trainers and schools form the backbone of a theater culture that, as an art and form of communication, maintains and promotes the community-building process.

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